The 7th Decade - is it really so different ?

Turning 70 – is it really such a great milestone?

Last year I entered the 7th decade of my life and was very excited about it. Somehow it seemed such a great occasion. A friend of mine had SIX birthday parties – held by her friends and family. I was determined to really have a birthday in style – in Rome with some close friends. But as luck would have it, our program got cancelled a day earlier and I spent my birthday on a flight from Delhi to New York! So much for best laid plans.

 But today as I come close to my 71st birthday, I wonder – am I any different?

Oh, the bones do ache, there is a reluctance to do work in any form and like most of my friends we make a beeline for the nearest chairs when we go somewhere. Physically, a lot has changed, not for the better, I can assure you!

But am I mentally any different? I am a little more tolerant – my children and husband may not agree with me, but I have become more accepting of people. I do not keep trying to change them, I have learnt how to move away if someone offends me, without trying to shout them down. This is a good thing, is it not? It is really not worth it, trying to change the world.

 I am more accepting of my own figure and looks! I have stopped trying to fight a losing battle with my stomach bulges. I enjoy going to the gym, but know that it is not going to help me lose weight – since I really do not try very hard! But I have also realised that it is not a happy situation if I avoid mangoes and litchis and chocolates and my potato chips! These are a few of my pleasures in life.

 I have learnt to value my friends even more. The children are busy in their lives, that is an accepted fact of the lives of all of us elderlies! Friends have become an essential part of our daily existence. And honestly, we are too old to make any new friends! So, the old ones are treasured like gems. They make our evenings worthwhile and there is a comfort in spending time with them.

Our children now look after us! It’s a good feeling, to know that you are cared for, it’s a good feeling to watch them make a success of their lives, it’s a good feeling to watch them become such lovely people. What more can we ask from them? Nothing more than love and caring and loving to spend time with each other and the family.

Between Pran and myself there is a contentment and peace in being with each other. There are no major ups and downs, thank heavens for that! I do not think our slowing down metabolism could deal with that. Knowing each other very well, accepting each other for what they are and above all loving each other, warts and all is what makes our life better.

 So, is being 70 and over really any different?

No, it is not! To the world outside we are senior citizens, with wrinkle and aching bones and all, but to ourselves, we are just the same as we were 10 years ago, when I started this blog.

 I am glad I am alive,

 I am glad I have a loving family and great friends, what more can I ask for.


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