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In memory of a very dear friend - SUNITEE SONDHI

Sunitee, you were a very special and cheerful lady and we were blessed to have known you and be loved by you.

You smiled whenever we met you, you smiled even after your home was robbed in 1984, you smiled when you lost your precious jewellery to scamsters and above all you smiled when we met you after you had just been diagnosed with cancer. How did you do this? In my over 40 years of friendship with you I cannot recall a single day when you looked angry and upset, when you raised your voice or when you felt that you had not been dealt a good hand by fate. You smiled even when you gently told us that you were not happy with what we were doing or saying. My last memory of you is when I met you in the ICU, even then you smiled and greeted all of us one by one.

You really and truly were a very caring person.

Today, everyone remembers your grace and dignity, your ability to light up a room just by walking into it, your ability to talk to anyone and everyone at every party, your ability to r…