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Holidays which begin with nostalgia and end with new memories

It never seemed possible - it was just an idea thrown to a couple of cousins and relatives, but very soon it transformed itself into an an impromptu holiday. Going to Dalhousie with 40 people was not one thing that we had planned initially, but very soon like a rolling stone it began to gain momentum and soon we had to start saying - no more - we do not have the space !
Dalhousie has always been a very special place - maybe any place which is connected with our childhood is like that. We forget the discomfort and the bad infrastructure, we only remember the laughter and the bonhomie and the presence of our family around us. Others may wonder what we saw in Dalhousie, but we wondered why they could not see the charm and beauty of this serene hill station.
This holiday had some very special memories - days that are etched in our minds and still bring a smile to our faces. The breakfast at Mama's Rasoi was a forerunner of all the noise and food that was to become the norm of the trip. …