The Disappearing Saree

Where has the saree gone?

It is true - saris seem to have vanished from the dressing scene. Any parties you go to, there may be just one lady wearing a saree - probably me! Everyone else is either in a suit or in pants. Except for weddings - where the saree makes a fabulous appearance, all my friends and acquaintances seem to have locked their sarees into old stores somewhere, only to be aired on marriage occasions, and then sent into hibernation again.

Personally I find a saree the most graceful national dress in the world. It looks so good, it swirls and it sways, it wraps around with such grace and shimmer, and it comes in every color and shade possible. Can we say that of a suit? Sarees should never go out of fashion, but unfortunately it seems to have happened!

Is there are any other dress that can be borrowed so easily. Get a blouse and petticoat that fits you and borrow your friend or your sister's saree, and you are set to woo the world. If you have great figure - unlike me - you can use it to enhance the look. Remember Priyanka Chopra's saree in Dostana when she sang Desi Girl - she looked sexy and fabulous - it could not have been achieved with any other outfit.

Above all, a saree manages to camouflage all your bulges and extra fat. It is true, you can look slimmer, not much, just a little bit. After all, you can wear it in such a way that it looks good but does not cling to you.

We got married in sarees, no one had heard of lehngas in those days. Our trousseau was all sarees, with an occasional suit thrown in. We started wearing them when we attended our farewell parties in school, and made them part of our daily lives once we got married.

I love wearing a saree, and I wish it would not vanish from the social scene, as it seems to have done now. I wish people would not look surprised when I wear one for just a casual evening, I wish more of these slim and elegant youngsters would wear these and above all, I wish the designers would bring out more sarees as part of their collection.


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