Of Bugs and Beaches and Missed Flights

The Beach at Langkawi

Holidays give you so much to cheer about. There is a change of surrounding, a relaxed time to spend with friends and an ability to do what we want and when we want. There is so much joy in them, that even a 15 day bug cannot take away from good memories and happy times. 

Thank heavens for friends and for the gift of being able to go away when we want to and where we want to.

We are truly blessed.

Kuala Lumpur or Langkawi or Colombo - where did we pick up the bug from? Did it travel in our suitcase or in our wallets or was it just something which decided to come and give all of us some painful and tiring memories.

Eagle Point at Langkawi

An explanation is needed.

We traveled for nine days in a group of eight to Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi and Colombo. The holiday was very nice - KL was more of a shopping expedition than anything else! A day spent in Genting Highlands was interesting - we played roulette and won enough to pay for our lunch - and the hotel was very interesting to look at and the ropeway was a joy.

Langkawi was like most beach resorts - a lovely hotel, lovely rooms, good food all around and a nice beach. There was of course, jellyfish in the sea - which did attack Sunitee, but fortunately not  very badly. There was great music every evening in the lounge. We had gone on a holiday to just relax and we did just that - ate, slept, sat around and gossiped and occasionally ventured out to have a look at the town around, Do not go there expecting an exciting holiday - this is a sleepy town, but a pretty one.

The highlight of the visit here was of course the missed flight. How could we do a stupid thing like that? We are "veteran" travelers - at least we claim to be, all of us were taking it easy and had got the wrong info about the flight. We should have double checked - anyway - we were down a couple of thousand rupees each and it is all water under the bridge now!!

The view from Taj Samudra at Colombo

Colombo - the highlight was the presence of a film unit in the hotel - Salman Khan being the star attraction. The city was so much like all Indian cities - I wish we could have spent more time in Sri Lanka - maybe some other time in our lives!!

As soon as we came back all of us came down with some kind of weird viral fever. Initial worries about H1N1 were put to rest by the doctor, but the symptoms were the same for all of us - high fever, a debilitating weakness - lack of appetite and an overall feeling of All Izz Not Well. Antibiotics, bottles full of cough syrup and loads of other medicines - it helped to some extent but it was two weeks before we were able to call ourselves well. The doctors were just as confused as we were - and all of us talked to each other and shared daily bulletins.

Anyway - hopefully the bug has gone - and even more important we have not passed it on to others in our households.

Cheers to the next holiday !!


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