New Surroundings - maybe they are not so new after all !

         S-145, Panchshila Park

Vasant Vihar seems  a bit like home now, not completely but the areas are beginning to look familiar, I do not wake up and wonder where I am any more and I still call S-145 my home but then I also call C 6/6 home.

Why do we get so attached to bricks and mortar? Why is it that some place gives you great vibes and welcomes you, whereas in some homes as soon as you enter there is a desire to leave. We have always hoped that our home will be a welcoming one, a place where people were welcome to come when they want and stay as long they want - to some extent!. We feel that we have achieved it where ever we have lived and maybe our friends feel that to.

Homes are our lifeline, they make or break our moods. They are places where we can look for happiness for ourselves or just sit back and make ourselves miserable. But we forget that each home is a new place and we have to establish the atmosphere and the ambiance ourselves. We can carry memories of our previous homes, but we should not let them overshadow the mood, the tone and the environment in the new one. No matter how large or how small the space is, it is ours and it is up to us to make it a joyful and pleasurable surrounding.

I am hoping that Vasant Vihar will also give out  great vibes to all those who enter this home. The grandchildren seem to enjoy it a lot, they have place to run around, they are not worried about the road and the noise and they are also happy just being able to play in wide areas.

Pran seems to be enjoying setting it up - making sure the water systems work correctly, that his office becomes a haven of activity for him and he has enough storage space for his various collections.

I am hoping to have a lovely garden and to be able to make space in my bedroom to sit and read and maybe watch television, but just be able to stretch my legs, without having to sit on the bed to do so.

The maids are happy since they have a very very large staying area and they have a connection from the inverter during power breakdowns.

But I still miss my road, my Malviya Nagar market and all the people around my area. We made good friends there, who we hope will remain friends no matter where we stay. I miss my independence, since here I have to answer for every move I make and have to give explanations for all my actions and receive unwanted advice on every aspect of my life.

But, we have to move on and make ourselves cheerful and joyful, have a home we can be proud of.


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