Some thoughts on moving house after 20 years

As we prepare to move to a new home in Vasant Vihar, mainly due to family obligations, both of us are going through a period of introspection and of wondering what the future holds for us.

We are getting older, an undeniable fact! We are getting slower and more lethargic, another undeniable fact! We are happy to move house - now that is where the facts begin to get muddled up, that is where we are not too sure about what is happening and whether it is the correct decision to make.

The decision was not an easy one - my husband agreed to move faster than I did. I wavered back and forth. Spoke to many friends and relatives, took too many opinions and spent many nights just sitting and staring at the walls. What finally made the decision for me was one evening when I could not even turn round into my road for 30 minutes because of the traffic mess all around. Then it felt that enough was enough and a decision was confirmed.

Do our children agree with us? I am not too sure, they are also ambivalent about the whole situation. Their concern is for us and about the stress of moving. They do feel that the new home is a better one - nicer surroundings, quieter road and a garden in front and at the back. They worry more about the three moves and frankly that is the one main deterrent in the whole process. But after seeing a friend of ours who has just gone through the process, well, it does not seem so much of a problem now. If she can do it - so can we !!

The heartburn and the thoughts are not about whether we should move or not, they are about leaving a home we built ourselves. It was our money, all earned by us and with no other monetary support from anyone else. Every nook and corner was planned or badly planned by us. It will always remain our home, and frankly our pride and joy.

But we have to learn to detach ourselves from these attachments. The new home is beginning to look very nice. It is taking good shape, and every time we walk in, there is a good feel to it. For once I will be able to look out from my bedroom and see a garden and plants, something that I have always wanted. There will be a lot of space for the children to play in, and Chutki shall enjoy running around.

It may be a long time before we shall stop feeling the tug at our hearts when we come to Panchsheel Park, a long time before we stop coming to Malviya Nagar for all our shopping, but it will happen.

We hope and pray that C 6/6 will always remain a happy home, and one where everyone will always feel welcome. We hope that one day it shall also be our final living space and we shall grow older happily and peacefully


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