Why - an anguished cry ?

Why did this happen ?

Why is it that we cannot teach people how not to hate so much, how not to kill innocent bystanders, how not to go around shooting people just because they happened to be in a certain place at a certain time.

I have no answers, I only have questions. I am seeking some words which will make me understand the carnage. I have watched the videos of the dead people at the station, their only fault - they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Surely life cannot be measured by the bullets of a young man in Versace T-shirt, who does not even bother to hide his face as he goes around with an AK-47 - or whatever it was.

I asked a friend of mine as to why and how do people develop so much hatred for others this is what she said :
People who can kill like those who did so in Mumbai lack empathy for those not "in my family/tribe". Dehumanize people who are outside your group enough, and get permission from an authority (Bush, scripture, Guru, Imam etc) and believe you are in some cosmic never-ending war, and there's no telling what a young man or woman will do. Permission is key - absolutely key.

All of us are now seeking answers. I am seeking to find some means of doing something to prevent this hatred from materialising in the form of killings. If I talk one person out of his antipathy to those of a different religion or region or caste or anything different, maybe I will have achieved something. I have signed all the petitions that came my way, I have written in all the forums that I am a part of, but then words are not sufficient. Does anyone have any concrete suggestion on what we as individuals can do - I would love to hear it. I join you in bashing the politicians. They really are the pits - but then we elected them - did we not? We share equal blame. Do we have too many alternatives?

What can I do? What can my family and friends do?

Has anyone got any answers? I do not. My heart stumbles and bleeds, and I stare at the television with horror, and feel totally helpless.

Let us begin something - let us take this beyond words towards action - I do not know what kind of action.But let us do something - surely we cannot let this go into the annals of history as something beyond our control?


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