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Are we getting older faster or is the world getting younger

As I tried to swim with my grandchildren this evening, I realised that it was really not so easy to do that. The strokes came more slowly, and the desire was to just stand around and watch the children play.
Suddenly there was a sense of having got older - I know, I know, we are older, but somehow age seems to have kept itself at abeyance for some years. So it was like a blast from the past - or from the sky - whichever metaphor we may prefer - hey, you are older !!

So what are the symptoms or symbols of being over sixty - here are some of mine :

1. The shoes are comfortable - they may not be smart, but they are definitely comfortable !! Forget the high heels - those have been delegated to the interiors of the shoe cupboard. The first sign of aching bodies and tired legs - look at the shoes !!

2. Hair Dyes - what would we do without them. One of these days I am going to stop dyeing my hair - for a few months I am going to look like the reverse of a Zebra - half white hair and half black. …