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On becoming Grandparents, for the third time !!

Just thought I would write down some thoughts on becoming a grandparent again. We have two grandchildren ages 5 and 2 and a half. Our third grandchild was born on December 18th, a gorgeous little baby boy.

I spoke earlier about why is it different being a grandparent? Is it because we are only part time parents or is it because we are wiser and older ? Are they special because they are our children's children or is it also the realisation that time is fleeting and we have learnt to enjoy the children without being stressed about how they are being reared.

These are questions that I ask because I do not have the answers for them. All I do know is that they are our best stress busters, and just a hug or a flying kiss from them seems to be the greatest gift we have ever been given. Do you remember the hugs that your children gave you? Or the first time they turned round and said "I love you"? The grandchildren say it easily and artlessly and you respond in the same manner.