Reaching Sixty and Loving It

Having reached the 'venerable' age of sixty and loving it, I thought I would get some other ladies and gents to share their thoughts with me. I am from New Delhi, a retired stockbroker and suddenly I am a senior citizen!!.

I don't remember getting older - but the world seems to enjoy reminding me of that fact in various ways. I remember thinking that anyone over the age of 50 really was an old fogey and then the age become sixty and now it is 90 years old.

I enjoy swimming, going to the gym, dancing and wearing jeans and tee-shirts. But then so do all my friends. Our bones do creak when we get up suddenly, and now we look for shoes that are comfortable rather than smart. Our pants have to adjust to growing paunches, our hips - well we really wish we could ignore their growing size - but they seem to have a will of their own.

But aside from all that - what are the advantages of reaching here ?

Our homes run efficiently - years of practice - of course.

Our grandchildren are our main stress busters - at least we dont have to worry about them full time.

We can leave home to see a film whenever we want to.

We can go away for a holiday at a short notice

And above all - we have friends who have been with us for years - they are the joy of our lives.

Oh and I forgot - very important - the children are beginning to realise that we are not really as foolish as they thought we were. We make great baby sitters, we cook good food and occasionally offer sensible advice !!!

What more do we need.
Welcome to the glorious sixties and beyond them !!!


Mohan said…
I am getting to glorious sixty in a couple of weeks time- your site has given me hope!!
storyteller said…
I'm almost 63 and loving every minute of my "Happily Retired" freedom. Years ago when my friends wanted to dress in black to celebrate my 50th birthday ... I told them THEY could do as they pleased, but I was wearing RED and reveling in a Crone's Ceremony ... celebrating my personal power embarking on my journey as a Wise Woman ... and that's what I've done ever since.

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